About the Project

To read about how and why this edition of The String of Pearls is being created, please see the Introduction.

Sarah Miles and Matt McAnelly: Technical Editors (2015-2016)

Matt McAnelly: Web Developer and Graphical User Interface (GUI) Design (2016-2017)

Emily Harwood: Notes Editor (2016-7), Character List Design and Content (2016-2017), Proofreading (2017-present)

Angela Collier: Logo Design (2016)

McKenna Bertrand, Guinevere Casper, Nicole Ennis, and Lisa Friedrich: Notes Editors (2016)

Jim Hodgson: Coding Editor (2016)

Bryce Reed: Additional Coding (2016)

Colleen McCluskey and Justina Stauber: Engravings Editors (2016)